Mountain Bicycle
Accidental damage, loss and theft
JaSure Personal Assets
Sum Insured
R 70,000.00
Excess (Payable per claim)
Dynamic Premiums
Premiums are paid at the end of the month. At the end of each month we count the number of days on which you had active cover for the asset and charge the corresponding premium payable. Days on which the asset was covered for part of the day are also included.
Days Total Premium
1 day R 117.53
2 days - 3 days R 156.17
4 days - 7 days R 194.01
8 days - 15 days R 231.84
16 days or more R 269.68
Quote T&Cs
This quote presents an indicative, non-binding premium based on a typical customer risk profile and may change when applying your data. Binding quotes are generated in the Jasure app. The policyholder is required to manage her/his cover, and corresponding premium payable, by switching cover on and off during the month using the JaSure app.
motor car
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